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What can we do?

RESCU offers services related to forestry, wildlife, caves and climate.


RESCU offers the following services related to forestry:


We carry out research on a wide range of forest-related subjects including wildlife, local communities and timber production.

 Forest Management Plans
We have experience coordinating field survey, inventory, wildlife survey and management plan development.

 Certification Assessment
RESCU offers assessment services for forest management and chain-of-custody certification.
Smartwood, the world's oldest and most established FSC certification body chose RESCU to be their Malaysian assessors to carry out on-the-ground forest and chain-of-custody audits.

 Certification Support
RESCU has helped several clients achieve certification in several programmes related to timber legality and forest management.



 Wildlife Management Plans
RESCU is particularly interested in human-wildlife relationships. Combining expertise within forestry, plantation and wildlife, RESCU can assist your organisation towards having a win-win relationship with wildlife.



 Speleological survey
RESCU has experience mapping the extent of cave complexes and recording key geological and ecological features.
Cave management planning
We also provide consultation for planning the management of caves and cave tours.




 CDM project development
With the Kyoto Protocol taking effect in February 2005, there is increasing interest in Clean Development Projects.
RESCU has experience advising clients on climate-change mitigation.