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At RESCU, we combine every aspect related to the responsible management of wetlands. Survey, impact assessment and various issues will be considered before we provide you with a comprehensive plan.

  • Mangrove restoration
  • Wetland management planning
Here is a case study of a wetlands project that we have underway:

Ujong Pasir Mangroves & Portuguese Settlement Community


RESCU is working on a 5 years mangrove restoration and rehabilitation project with the Portuguese Settlement Community of Melaka. This wetland project aim is to achieve a model community projects for the establishment of a sound conservation mangrove site covering an estimated 8 hectors. The wetland area harbors a wide array of faunal habitats especially for the migratory birds and supported by rich marine lifeforms.

One of RESCU’s project highlights for eco-tourism initiative is to empower the local community with the knowledge on wetlands conservation and wetland values.

RESCU’s role through implementing the advisory committee meetings between and among governmental agencies and village groups, are poised to strengthen the inter-agency co-ordination for wise management practices on the wetlands. Sessions of workshop seminars and study tours to address the knowledge on the Ramsar Convention.

The long-term conservation of Melaka Wetlands can be successfully achieved by educating and exposing school children to the uniqueness of Mangrove habitat. Supported by uniqueness of the land’s heritage that is only found in the area.

RESCU plans for Melaka Wetlands are as follows:

•  promulgation of wildlife habitat through publicity materials

•  to equip the local communities with skills, knowledge and understanding in order to be involved in eco-tourism

•  to enhance the appreciation of values and importance of wetlands among the local community

•  to initiate and strength co-operation between government agencies, local communities and environmental NGOs.

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